Ankit Dave, Author at 300Mind


Ankit Dave is a team leader (Game) with more than 5 years of experience in 2D & 3D gaming/console gaming/AR/VR/Machine Learning. Requirement understands, create a GDD, create an architecture of the game to make them as scalable as possible, deploy the games on various platforms.

Play to Earn Games

Play to Earn Games – Gaming Fad or Future?

P2E games continue to prove to be of value to both developers and players and they allow players to earn real money by playing video games. Here's everything you need to know about P2E games.

unity vs unreal engine

Unity vs Unreal Engine: Which One is Best For Your Game?

If we speak of choosing between Unity or Unreal Engine, then that is dependent on a variety of things. Fortunately, we’re here to clarify the differences and serve as a guide for each, leaving it up to you to determine which engine fits your project best.

unity engine for game development

Why is Unity your Best Bet for Game Development in 2024

Over the years, Unity game engine has received worldwide critical acclaim thanks to its feature richness, minimal development costs, advanced gaming mechanics, and ability to bring virtual worlds to life. Here's why Unity is your ultimate bet for game development.